FRISHART/FRISHERT 1655 - now / nu (Utrecht - Maastricht - Breda - Rotterdam)

Descendants of Jan Frishart

First Generation

1. Jan Frishart 1 was born before 1637. He was buried 2 on 9 Sep 1691 in Utrecht. Jan was employed as soldaat compagnie guarde Ed: Hoog Mog: Heer van Holland (Capiteijn Beaumont) in 1655 in 's-Gravenhage.

Jan married 1 Neeltje Arijensdr van Veen on 13 Jun 1655 in Loosduinen. They published notice of marriage on 16 May 1655 in 's-Gravenhage. Neeltje was buried after 14 Sep 1691.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i Adrianus Frishart

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